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True African Art is this world renowned online art gallery website, featuring both professional and popular, original African paintings bought direct in Africa from African Artists. Thus our Site name “True African Art.”

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Painting by Kenyan African artist, Wilson Simwa. 1. We have REDUCED THE PRICEES on MOST of our African Paintings for Sale! No coupon codes, no discounts, just direct drops in pricing for a limited time.
Go ahead and browse and find a painting that will match your vision.


• Acclaimed Ugandan Painter,        
 Ronex Ahimbisibwe - uppper right
Kenyan Wilson Simwa - upper left
• Abstract art by Ghanaian, Nana
• Woman artist from Nigeria, Liz - right

•  Colorful art by Ghanaian artist, Nii Hylton
•  3 Wildlife Batiks from Kenyan, Richard Kimbo
•  2 New artworks by Ghanaian, Justin Laryea
•  1 New Oil Painting by Kenyan, John Ndambo

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Ugandan artist, Ronex.

Ugandan African artist, Ronex, hits True African Art with skillful, contemporary artwork.

African artist C-kle ≈ one of his paintings on True African Art

Portrait painter C-kle
with one of his paintings,
"Rule your World."

Ghanaian African artist, Amakai
poses with two of his original paintings for sale.

True African Art .com owner, Gathinja Yamokoski

Website Owner,
Gathinja Yamokoski

True African Art Staff

Friends since 2000,
Gathinja and Michael

Consultant, Michael Kivindyo

Artist Consultant,
Michael Kivindyo

GALLERY SUMMARY: We sell mostly online through this website and do not have a physical Store, though we ship to you for Free Worldwide from near New York City. To help secure your confidence, we have a 60 day, no hassle, return policy so you can try in person how the art and its size decorate your home or office. Our collection has contained over 2,000 original paintings from 75 artists from 12 countries inside Africa, mainly Kenya & Ghana.

PROFILE SUMMARAY: My name is Gathinja Yamokoski and I am the owner of this website, True African Art, and am one of its 75 African artists. I was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa. I came to the states in 2002 to be married to my African-American husband. I visit Africa almost every year to see my artists, family, and friends. When I cannot be in Africa, my consultant, Michael Kivindyo, keeps me abreast of the art scene. In 2014, I became a USA citizen and a Mother of a beautiful boy.

FACEBOOK: Our Facebook Page is over 355,000 members strong! It is a center for amiration & conversation of African culture & its paintings. "Like" our "Facebook Village."

Cameroonian Angu Walters' original painting hangs brightly in an example frame.

"LOYAL TO ARTISTS" One of our goals is to give full and free promotion for our contemporary African artists through a model of The Fair Trade Principles guiding our communication and business with our artists.

"LOYAL TO YOU" We curate each painting we put on the site, while still remaining loyal to our more popular artists. These inclusions give you the best selection to collect African art paintings. Our best delivery is not only in getting an African painting to you, but also ensuring your satisfaction from the moment you visit our website until you hang your African artwork in your home of office.

THE RESULT?  Our Artists, you, and us make True African Art succeed. We stay true to our name because Truth is the meaning of the word and honesty is just as important in our relationships with our African artists as it is in the service and quality of artwork we obtain and process to you for sale.

-smAbstract African artwork of women by Kenyan artist, Willie Wamuti

30 Other Artists - John Ndungu - Kenya - "The Work"

Blue Rhino Map of Kenya, Africa

Prints by Blue Rhino Ltd.
Map of Kenya

The everyday care of the African woman.

30 Other Artists Wilson Simwa - Kenya-
"Almost Done"

MAKE AN OFFER | PAYMENT PLANS: Does a painting not match what you may have in the bank? No problem! You can Make an Offer of what the art is worth to you based off its list price. We also accept payment plans with 0% interest for the 1st year.

IN CLOSING: The people of Africa have a fascinating and exquisite culture that is somewhat secluded from even the best of our wondering eyes.  May the expressions of the artists here bring you a little closer to the shroud, beauty, and intimate, welcoming message that is indeed, only Africa.

THANK YOU:  You have a choice online when it comes to African paintings for sale. We treat your art right from start to finish. Trust us as your deciding factor for purchasing original African art paintings. You’ll be glad you did!

   ~ Gathinja, Michael, and all of our artists.

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African artist from Kenya, Stephen Njenga with staff member Michael Kivindyo

Stephen Njenga - Kenya
with staff member, Michael Kivindyo

Original African art oil paintings by John Ndambo.

John Ndambo - Kenya
Around 30 new pieces!

Kenyan Maasai painter, Martin Bulinya.

Martin Bulinya - Kenya
Around 50 new beautiful pieces!

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African art fashion painting by Ethiopian artist, Mahlet.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"Beauty Stance"

African art fashion painting by Ethiopian artist, Mahlet.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"Leader of Three"

African art fashion painting by Ethiopian artist, Mahlet.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"A Portrait"

Evans Yegon - Kenya
An imaginative piece with Gathinja.

Kenyan Wildlife artist Richard Kimemia

Richard Kimemia - Kenya
A New Artist with Gathinja.

Wire African Artist, Moses.

Moses - Kenya
Moses & Gathinja with his gold wire.

Thank you for trusting True African Art .com!
~ Your Choice for Original African Paintings ~

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Ghanaian artist Nana.
Nana - Ghana -
Nigerian African artist Nana.
Elizabeth - Nigeria -
"Two as One"
Ghanaian artist Enam Bosokah.
Enam Bosokah - Ghana -
"In my Garden"
Pen on Paper African painter Amakai.
Amakai - Ghana
"African Princess"
Contemporary African artist Daniel Akortia.
Daniel Akortia - Ghana
"Beauty in Blue"
African Artist, Nii Hylton
Nii Hylton - Ghana
"Summer Hats" Wildlife painter Wycliffe Ndwiga paints with no fear one of the fearest animals in Africa, the Leopard.
Wycliffe Ndwiga - Kenya
"Reflection Stalk"
Abdul Badi paints African portraits.
Abdul Badi
Teach Him to Think
Giclee Print
Abstract masterpiece by Cameroonian, Angu Walters
Angu Walters - Cameroon
"The Drummer 2015"
New Kenyan artist Richard Kimemia paints African wildlife on canvas.
Richard Kimemia - Kenya
"Coast Scene"
Acrylics on Canvas by Ghanaian painter, Appiah Ntiaw
Appiah Ntiaw - Ghana
"Market 1"
African artist from Ghana, Justin Laryea
30 Other Artists
Justin Laryea - Ghana
"Shore Fish"
This African artist is all about abstract works.
Stephen Njenga - Kenya
"SN 47"
Martin Bulinya paints a variety of scenes with abstract Maasai figures.
Martin Bulinya - Kenya
"B - 363"
John Ndambo's African Art paintings of the Maasai tribe for sale.
John Ndambo - Kenya
"N - 125"
African artist, Richard Kimbo's Original Batiks.

Richard Kimbo- Kenya
"Zebra Batik"

Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You

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