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We are an online art gallery website, featuring original, professional and popular African paintings for sale.
Our works were bought directly from African Artists inside Africa. Our quality is known as “True African Art.”

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True African Art logo for its Home Page. Wildlife Watercolors Artist Joseph Thiongo paints a Cheetah pouncing on a gazelle. Maasai art in their village done in oils.  The men are carrying sticks or spears. Kimbos Batiks are friendly and colorful and active.  A great conversation piece, it contains many people gathering in places like a village or market. South African Cards 4 x 6 inches.  Often used as framed paintings.  Original. African Artist Willie Wamuti paints abstractly the African woman.  This piece is called Dancing for Joy. African Art in New York City.  True African Art's indoor booth shines at the Circle of Sisters annual gathering. Artist from Ghana, Justin Laryea stands with some of his artworks for sale on True African Art .com Justin Laryea - Beauty of Women 2 - Ghana Enam Bosokah draws with a Bic Pen on Paper.  This artwork shows the strength and hope of the young Black male. Amakai Felix Quaye styles with his artwork inside Ghana. African Art Paintings for Sale from Amakai. Nii Hylton is a clean cut artist with class.  We feature his artworks exclusively on True African Art .com Abdul Badi paints African themed portraits.  Artist from Africa, Wycliffe Chagwi sits with his masterpiece "Wonder of the Great Migration."

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Nii James Addo from Ghana paints using Gold Paint.


James Nii Addo - Ghana


22" x 26" (56 x 66 cm)  Acrylics on Canvas
Price: $299
Free Shipping Worldwide from New York

Ghanaian artist C-Kle

C-Kle - Ghana -
"Into the Future"
Acrylics on Canvas curtains
24" x 36" - $199

Nii Hylton Ghanaian African artist.

Nii Hylton - Ghana
"Eritrean Harvest"
Acrylics on Canvas - Frame
20" x 28" (51 x 71 cm)
$499 with the frame
Non profit shipping quote

Ghanaian artist, Appiah Ntiaw. True African Art .com

Appiah Ntiaw - Ghana -
"Make Art Not War"
36" x 36" (91 x 91 cm)
$799 - Available with a frame at $998. includes shipping and handling via UPS within the United States.

Nigerian artist Noah draws with pen on paper.

Noah - Nigeria -
"Pluck for Happiness"
10" x 15" - Pen on Paper

Simon Muriithi.

Simon Muriithi - Kenya -
"There She Goes"
43" x 32" (110 x 80 cm)

Paintings from Ghana by Daniel Akortia, Happy Boy.

Daniel Akortia- Ghana -
"Happy Boy"
20" x 36" (51 x 91 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas - $1,299  Available with a frame at $2,000. includes shipping and handling via UPS within the United States.

Realistic painter, Abdul Badi.

Abdul Badi - Prints
"Teach Him to Think"
From $100.

                WHAT WE DO:

We are an Online Art Gallery specializing in selling Contemporary, Original African Paintings and their prints.  We have been selling African artworks since 2004 when we were working with an old gallery.  Since 2010, our own gallery, True African Art, has contained over 2,750 original paintings from 75 artists spanning 12 countries inside Africa, mainly Kenya and Ghana.  We succeed becuase we are honest with our artists and clients  as we are aware of our responsibility to be in the position to share African paintings worldwide.   Shipping is Free Worldwide from our office near New York City. To help secure your confidence, we have a No Hassle, try out your art for 60 days, Easy Returns policy.

                  WHO WE ARE:

My name is Gathinja Yamokoski and I am the owner of this website, True African Art, and one of its 75 African artists. I was born and raised in Kenya. In 2002, I moved to the United States to marry my African-American husband. I travel back to Africa almost every year to see my artists, family, and friends. When I cannot be in Africa, my consultant, Michael Kivindyo, keeps me abreast of the art scene. Thus, our staff is only from African descent and this helps us in communicating through the various cultures found within. I love humankind, philosophy, art, and anything Africa. In 2014, I became a USA citizen and the Mother of a beautiful boy. It is my pleasure to be of service to you.

           "LOYAL TO ARTISTS"

We give full & free promotion for chosen African artists through a model of The Fair Trade Principles that guide our communication & business with our artists. We have thus developed meaningful & trustworthy relationships with many of our artists & are glad to call them our friends. Most often we buy their artworks at prices they specify. For artists we know well, we provide small loans in exchange for their artworks acquired in the future.  See our Be on the Site Page to be considered!  We expect artists that paint for art's sake and not to make a quick buck.  The fact that we treat all our Artists under the same workflow & hospitiality has made us the trusted gallery throguhout Africa.

                "LOYAL TO YOU"

We curate each painting we put on the site, while still including works from our most popular artists. These inclusions give you the best selection to collect African art paintings. We ensure your satisfaction for the African paintings you buy from the moment you visit our website until you hang your African artwork in your home or office.  Many of our clients say that the paintings they receive look better in person than they did in thier online search!  Several of our artists make custom paintings based on a photo or past comparism you specify.  They have done this dozens of times.n   In our Guestbook, read others' reviews of our service & quality of art. Learn more About us here.

Gathinja with Martin Bulinya

Maasai Artist, Martin Bulinya
with Gathinja

Kenyan artist Moses makes a gold wire craft.

Moses - Kenya
"Woman of Gold - SOLD"

Staff member Michael Kivindyo with African artist Stephen Njenga.

Stephen Njenga, from Kenya,
with staff member Michael Kivindyo.


Does a painting's price not match what you may have in the bank? No problem! You can Make an Offer on any painting using our Contact Us Form. To request a custom price, base your offer on what the painting is worth to you versus its price online.  As long as your request is reasonable, we promise to consider it!

We also accept payment plans with 0% interest for up to one year.


Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority!  We value your business and look forward to serving all your decorative needs. You will find that we consistently provide to you a great value for our originals, plus a diverse variety.  We deal with you and your art quickly, but also personally and professionally.  The painting(s) you order will be mailed securely within 24 hours of receipt.  It takes about a week for your art to arrive within the USA & about two weeks internationally.


The people of Africa have a fascinating and exquisite culture that is somewhat secluded from even the best of our wondering eyes.  That's why our About section in our Menu above features exclusive and rare information given only to us directly from the source, our Artists inside Africa. Our media incudes text, photos, and videos.  May the expressions of the artists here bring you a little closer to the shroud, beauty, and intimate, welcoming message that is indeed, only Africa.


We know you have a choice online when it comes to buying original African paintings for sale. Unfortunately, some respond at only a leisurely pace and now get their retail paintings from galleries, not directly from the artists.  However, with us, we treat you, the artists and their creations right from start to finish. Trust us as your deciding factor for purchasing original African art paintings online. Read what just a tiny fraction of our client base has to say about us in our online Guestbook! 

Maasai painter, John Ndambo.

John Ndambo - Kenya "N-155"

Wildlife painter Wycliffe Ndwigaa paints a stalking leopard.

Wycliffe Ndwiga - Kenya
"Reflection Stalk" - 36" x 24"

Justin from Ghana paints local scenes and people.

Justin Laryea - Kenya
"Shore Fish" 20" x 14"

Kenyan Willie Wamuti on True African Art .com

Willie Wamuti - Kenya
"Boat Journey" 20" x 19"

From Cameroon, Angu Walters paints an array of colors around a character.

Angu Walters - Cameroon "The Drummer 2"
15.5" x 27.5" - $599

From Kenya, Martin Bulinya paints the Maasai tribe.

Martin Bulinya  - Kenya - "B-378"
   9" x 12"  $59

Map Print of Tanzania, East Africa.
Blue Rhino Maps
"Tanzania Map" - 16" x 23"
Other countries in stock.
Print on Heavy Paper
From $33 to $40, shipping included.

Our sole artist from Ethiopia, Mahlet, combines fashion with her Watercolor arts.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"Leader of Three" 12" x 16"
Watercolors on Paper - $199

Kenyan Batik artist, Richard Kimbo, creates cotton art using wax, textiles, and dye.

Kenyan artist, Richard Kimbo

"RK - 32"
 43 x 38 inches
Wax, textiles, and dye on cloth.
Asking Price: $199