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This Page updated on: September 9, 2015.

        Autumn, 2015 News: New Paintings & New Artists! | Sale on Older Art
                    News Archives? Go to our News Page. Ti Jay has a significant collection of prints available on True African Art.

Kenyan African artist, Willie Wamuti gives it his all for True African Art .com.  width= 1. New African art paintings are for sale. Catch out this one from Willie Wamuti (on right). Willie's art is hot now - you won't get this style again - he keeps changing it up. Our new print section starts off with a strong first collection of Ti Jay's craft from Ghana.

• Wildlife Painter Richard Kimemia
• Ghanaian Daniel Akortia
• Tanzanian, Ninkhambazi
• South African Kowie Theron

• Cameroonian Angu Walters
• Ethiopian Woman Artist, Mahlet
• Kenyans Martin Bulinya, Evans Yegon, J. Ndambo, J. Ndungu, Stephen Njenga, & Wycliffe Ndwiga

2. And our African paintings are on sale with many of our older paintings on sale sitewide!

Ghanaian artist, Ti Jay, is with us in New York!

Ghanaian African artist, Ti Jay, hits New York with a storm of his prints & sought after originals.

African artist, Willie Wamuti
& some of his paintings with
Artist Consultant, Michael.

African artist Wycliffe Ndwiga ≈ his painting with Website Owner, Gathinja.

Wildlife painter Wycliffe Ndwiga
with one of his paintings
& Website Owner, Gathinja.

True African Art .com owner, Gathinja Yamokoski

Website Owner,
Gathinja Yamokoski

True African Art Staff

Friends since 2000,
Gathinja and Michael

Consultant, Michael Kivindyo

Artist Consultant,
Michael Kivindyo

Jambo na karibu! ("Hello and welcome!" in Swahili.) My name is Gathinja Yamokoski and I am the Founder and Owner of True African Art .com, an online based art gallery selling original, one of a kind, hand painted, contemporary African paintings, plus prints of available and sold original paintings.

I have lived in the suburbs of New York City since 2002, though I am originally from Kenya, East Africa. I travel back to visit Africa every year. I own most of the African artworks seen on this website and started distributing contemporary African paintings worldwide from my home in 2004.

Cameroonian Angu Walter's original painting hangs brightly in an example frame.

Most of our Black African artworks are purchased directly from the African artists themselves inside Africa. We have pictures and videos of my African staff and I with many of our painters. You can view this media in the "Artist Info" menu of this website. One of my staff members, Michael Kivindyo, mails to me African artists paintings when I am in the USA and assists me when I am in Africa.

Many of our African paintings for sale are from Kenya, but we also collect from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal the Congo, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. Reaching 70 talented individuals, we represent the best of established and emerging African artists, as well the art you love to see more of.

-smAbstract African artwork of women by Kenyan artist, Willie Wamuti

30 Other Artists - John Ndungu - Kenya - "The Work"

Blue Rhino Map of Kenya, Africa

Prints by Blue Rhino Ltd.
Map of Kenya

This Tanzanian African artist strikes with symetry.

30 Other Artists Tanzania
"Work that Counts"

The people of Africa have a fascinating and exquisite culture that is somewhat secluded from even the best of our wondering eyes.  May the expressions of the artists here bring you a little closer to the shroud, beauty, and intimate, welcoming message that is indeed, only Africa.

Our fondest wishes to you from the heart of Africa!     ~ Gathinja, Michael, and all our artists.

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Shipping is on us worldwide for most paintings. A canvas painting will come rolled in a tube. Art on paper will arrive in a hard envelope. Less than a week delivery time for within USA orders, 2 weeks international. Tracked and insured whenever available, we do the work of making sure your painting gets to you!

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African artist from Kenya, Stephen Njenga with staff member Michael Kivindyo

Stephen Njenga - Kenya
with staff member, Michael Kivindyo

Original African art oil paintings by John Ndambo.

John Ndambo - Kenya
Around 30 new pieces!

Kenyan Maasai painter, Martin Bulinya.

Martin Bulinya - Kenya
Around 50 new beautiful pieces!

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Opened in April, 2011 our Facebook Page now is now over 350,000 members strong! It is a center for admiration & conversation of African culture & its paintings. "Like" our "Facebook Village."

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African art fashion painting by Ethiopian artist, Mahlet.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"Beauty Stance"

African art fashion painting by Ethiopian artist, Mahlet.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"Leader of Three"

African art fashion painting by Ethiopian artist, Mahlet.

Mahlet - Ethiopia
"A Portrait"

Nature Paintings from Evans Yegon. Kenyan Wildlife artist Richard Kimemia Wire African Artist, Moses.
Evans Yegon - Kenya
Evans & Gathinja with an imaginative piece.
Richard Kimemia - Kenya
A New Artist with Gathinja.
Moses - Kenya
Moses & Gathinja with his gold wire.

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Contemporary African artist Daniel Akortia.
Daniel Akortia - Ghana
Wildlife painter Wycliffe Ndwiga paints with no fear one of the fearest animals in Africa, the Leopard.
Wycliffe Ndwiga - Kenya
"The Staredown"
Abdul Badi paints tribal artwork of Africa
Abdul Badi
"Maasai Girl"
Giclee Print
African Artist, Nii Hylton
Nii Hylton - Ghana
"Shadow Woman"
Abstract masterpiece by Cameroonian, Angu Walters
Angu Walters - Cameroon
"The Drummer 2015"
New Kenyan artist Richard Kimemia paints African wildlife and scenes
Richard Kimemia - Kenya
"Coast Scene"
Acrylics on Canvas by Ghanaian painter, Appiah Ntiaw
Appiah Ntiaw - Ghana
"Three Masks"
African artist Albert Lizah paints African scenes with watercolors .
Steve Mbatia - Kenya
South African artist Kowie Theron
Kowie Theron
South Africa
"Pure Joy"
This African artist is all about abstract works.
Stephen Njenga - Kenya
"SN 47"
Martin Bulinya paints a variety of scenes with abstract Maasai figures.
Martin Bulinya - Kenya
"B - 354"

John Ndambo's African Art paintings of the Maasai tribe for sale.

John Ndambo - Kenya
"N - 108"
African artist, Richard Kimbo's Original Batiks.

Richard Kimbo- Kenya
"RK - 14"

Evans Yegon's admiration of Nelson Mandela.

Evans Yegon- Kenya
"Nelson Mandela 3"
Using wire alone, Moses crafts a beautiful piece.
30 Other Artists - Moses Kenya
"Woman of Gold"
Made with
gold plated wire

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