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Making an Offer on our Original African Paintings

Sometimes a price we list for an artwork maybe isn't what you had in mind, nor what you may have in your purse or wallet.  No need to worry!

All of our original African art paintings are open to negotiation, meaning you can name your price or in other words, Make an Offer on our Original Paintings.

Ironically, Making an Offer is NOT an original idea, nor a stolen idea from us.  Many countries outside the United States incorporate this negotiation method, including almost all of Africa.

How it Works around the World: The merchant states the list price, you make an offer of what the product is worth to you based off the list, we make a counter offer, we agree.  It's easy and a more fine form of buying in the USA, thus its hidden features.

Try it out! Fill out our "Contact Us" form by clicking its red text link the left to make any reasonable offer. To ensure your offer is reasonable, you can base it off any artwork's suggested list price.

See our FAQ to learn about purchasing, Free Shipping Worldwide, Returns, & Lowest Price Guarantees.