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This African Paintings for Sale Page is alphabetized by an African Artist's first name.  You can also browse by Genre.

Original African art paintings for sale by many African artists on one page! Experience the diversity & enjoy the art!

Maasai artist Artist Lizah paints scenes and tribes people from his home near Lake Naivasha, Kenya, East Africa.

From Cameroon, Angu offers an array of content and colors, put together to form one frequently geometric painting.

Appiah Ntiaw is from Ghana.. He paints from his memories and experiences in Ghana's Cape Coast area.

These original African paintings are a style found in Tanzania that are made by a variety of African artists.

From Kenya, Chagwi works on light canvas. His African art paintings are crisp & clear, showing realistic villagers & wildlife.

Daniel practices art through many mediums. Some of his very best works were purchased by True African Art.

With a blend of geometry & a theme of African women, Elisha Ongere is a solid, unique talent in East Africa, Europe, & the USA.

Enam's portraits employ only a ball point pen with incredible skill. HIs originals are sold out at the moment.

This young artist from Kenya paints landscapes that he beautifully envisions in his mind. He also creates abstract portraits.

Living in New York, USA, website owner Gathinja Yamokoski is passionate about African artwork & her Kenyan traditions.

Maasai painting African artist John Ndambo paints abstractly with a palette knife, cutting into dense paper with quick strokes.

This African artist paints mostly in watercolors, focusing on the Maasai villages, mountains, and wildlife found in Kenya.

4" x 6" or 6" x 4." Made with original Pen & Acrylics on Greeting Card Paper. Slight variations in some designs.

Using wax, textiles, and dye on cotton cloth, these batiks resemble market and village scenes with quality and originality.

From South Africa, Kowie creates thick oil painting that exemplify African beauty, traditions & tribes.

Mahlet is a woman artist in Ethiopia. Her African artworks are a combination of a graceful fashion sense & intricacy in painting.

Martin Bulinya paints mostly abstract Maasai figures in all their shine & stature. His art is well known worldwide.

SOLD OUT! Often framed as small paintings, they show the color and figures of the Maasai tribe. SOLD OUT!

A Ghanaian African artist living in Spain, Nii's clean, perfected style speaks volumes about his West African upbringing.

From Ghana, Nii hand makes African card paintings. Cards include envelopes, but often are framed.

Ghanaian Peter Boateng uses graphite pencils to create extraordinary, realistic portraits. They take several days to complete.

Richard paints photorealistic wildlife paintings. His realistic African paintings are for those who cherish African wildlife.

Animated & bright, Sarah's paintings appeal is their cheerfulness. Authentic Maasai fabric is installed in her art.

Stephen Njenga is from Kenya & a self-taught artist. His Black Art paintings include bright colors & elongated Maasai figures.

These handmade greeting cards come from South Africa and are gorgeous renditions of the wildlife and culture of the region.

Kenyan artist, Steve Mbatia, creates collage paintings of African themes and photographs from pieces of paper.

Ghanaian African artist Ti Jay has been featured in several African medias & his art is now being collected all over the world.

Willie Wamuti paints African women out of respect & admiration for their influence and shaping of African society and culture.

Handmade empty wine bottle African art depicts the strong African woman. Made by website founder, Gathinja.

This African wildlife artist beautifully captures the essence of wildlife in their natural habitat with precision & close detail.

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