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Website Owner Gathinja & Simon Muriithi

Abstract African Paintings

Simon Muriithi's Original paintings for Sale are SOLD OUT and he does not make prints. New paintings being made for Summer, 2017!

Watch True African Art .com's
Exclusive Video Interview with
African Art painter, Simon Muriithi

Simon Muriithi is an abstract figurative painter from Kenya, East Africa. Website Owner, Gathinja, had the chance to strike a friendship with him during her a visit to Kenya in August, 2011.  She visited with him again in 2012&& 2015. Since their initial meeting, their friendship has shaped itself around both of their love for art and Africa.

If you're new to African art, Muriithi's paintings will strike you with a question.  "What is he portraying here?" you may ask.  His paintings are other worldly, but distinctly unique.  Watch the video above to learn more about Simon.

African artist, Simon Muriithi
with True African Staff Member,
Michael Kivindyo

The paintings you see to the right are a small sample of this African artist's vast ability. We had access to over 30 African art paintings for sale from Simon, some on consignment. This means we hold some with us here in New York, but Simon also held some in Kenya and would ship them to a client's address anywhere in the world.  It's even better still as the African paintings were sent to you from his art studio in Kenya. We worked and talked with Simon at length before entering a strict contractual agreement that assures both of our honesty to each other.  Partof this agreement includes that we do not release your payment for Simon's paintings until his artworks reach your doorstep safely and you are satisfied with them.

Many thanks for reading about this talented artist and we hope to have more of his artworks for sale for you come Summer, 2017.

See our exclusive video interview
with Simon Muriithi above.

Abstract African art by Simon Muriithi  "In Good Hands"

"Gossping Mates"

Kenyan African Artist Simon Muriithi with 'Goose Chase' Goose Chase

African Paintings for Sale by Simon Muriithi
Earrings 3