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African Artist Sarah Shiundu's African Painting, Beautiful Harems A charming, elegant woman, Sarah is a close associate to featured

Speaking of Black art Sarah says: "Art is very relaxing and challenging. I often look at an artwork I made that hangs on my wall at home. If I took it down the wall would look so bare. When it is there though I think it cheers me up. When you make art that cheers people up, I think that it is something for everybody. It's not like you do art pieces just for yourself. Whenever I look at my art it makes me feel so happy knowing that I did it and that others are enjoying it too."

Sarah Shiundu told True African that one of the most influential joys of African painting art for her is when she gets to train other women to paint too. "Groups come to my home in the evening or when they are on holiday and we just sketch and paint from there. We do anything that gets them started and confident in the field. As time goes by and we practice more they are doing it on their own and they leave so excited! Even small girls and boys are always at my gate. They want to come in. They ask me, 'Sarah are you painting today?' I tell them 'Yes, come in' and they get so busy. It feels good when people spend their time doing something that makes them happy."African art painting by Sarah Shiundu's A Couple in Conversation

We asked Sarah how these women know her as an African artist and Sarah told us: "One instance of a strong group I teach is women from the community I live in. I often carry my artwork around with me when going to town and they see that or they come to my house and they see it inside and they ask, 'This is beautiful! Where did it come from?' I tell them that this is my artwork. And they say, 'Oh! My neighbor loves art! Can I bring her over?' So that's how I get connected with people."

Sarah Shiundu was born in Kakamega, Kenya. Sadly passing away too early in her late forties, Sarah attended primary school near the Indian Ocean on the coastal side of Kenya called Mombasa. As a child, Sarah's family supported her art interest. Her Father, a mathematician, encouraged her to apply her artistic ability by being an architect. But Sarah, upon growing up, later moved to the capital city to instead study design at the University of Nairobi. Sarah raised two grown children, who also studied at the University, majoring in Engineering and Communications. One of these, her daughter, hopes to create an animated TV series.

Close up of Maasai cloth in Sarah Shiundu's African artwork.

Sarah, while living, resided in Ngong, Kenya where she found inspiration from the Maasai that live there and roam its beautiful landscapes. Since 1995, she had been employed by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and before this she taught television production design at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications.

A charming, elegant woman, Sarah is a close associate to featured Martin Bulinya, another African Artist on True African She and Martin are so well in tune that Sarah often signs her paintings, "Sarah Martins" in honor of the mentorship Martin has given her in making art.

In Sarah Shiundu's Video Interview you can watch as she describes how she makes her original African paintings and what it is that inspires her African artwork. Most of all you can find a revealing commentary about being a woman African artist. Sarah proudly and confidently embraces this role, which she well should!

We are honored to know Sarah and wish her every little blessing she seeks through her artwork.

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