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Nii stands strong by his perfected African painting

Ghanaian Contemporary Painter, Nii Hylton

Contemporary African Art

This is only a sample of Nii's artwork. To see all of Nii's African artwork for sale, please go to his African Art Paintings Store Page.

Nii Hylton's Biography

Born in Akuse, Ghana in 1978, Nii Hylton left his home country in 2004 to pursue an art career. Attending Truman State University in Missouri, USA, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts. During his first year at the University, Nii won the President's Honorary Scholarship Award in Academic Excellence and the Art Assistance Scholarship for his skills as an artist.

Since then, Nii has won numerous honors for his artwork & has a strong international audience for his contemporary African paintings, reaching numerous private collections and exhibits in Europe & the USA.

Before studying in the United States, this African artist was busy still developing his craft in Black art paintings. In 2002, he completed his education in Graphic Design and Painting from Ghanatta College of Art and Design, an institution that has produced some excellent Ghanaian artists.

Nii Hylton paints both traditional and contemporary styles through subjects that are cultural and social, using a palette knife for texture. His realism and abstraction are combined with acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

Nii Hylton chose True African as a rising platform so even more people would have the opportunity to see and own his work. We are happy to be the first to represent Nii's contemporary African art paintings outside of his own promotions.

- Read Nii's Resume that lists his accomplishments and exhibitions -

African art paintings artist, Nii Hylton

TRUE AFRICAN Interview with African Painter Nii HYLTON

True African Art: What is the process of painting like for you-what's going through your mind?

Nii Hylton: The process is fast, the subject is Africa, and what's going through my mind is what I am feeling at that moment.

What are some of the messages that are within your paintings?

They are vast. Usually the message revolves around music and dance...entertainment.

Have your travels changed what you paint?

No, not at all. My style is what it has been.

Has your education changed what you paint?

No, I stay true to what's in my head and heart.

What advice would you give to other artists?

What British artist, Banksy, said...something along the lines of: "Spend less time making the painting so people can spend more time admiring it.

What is one of your goals as an artist?

To prove to others, through my art, that taking up the profession of an artist is in fact commendable and something that someone can be successful at.

Do you have other artists you look up to?

To be very honest, no. I look up to myself!

African Painting Artist with 2 of his artworks. What does Ghana mean to you?

My country is the foundation and inspiration of what I portray as an artist.

What is your Ghanaian family's reaction to your ambition as an artist?

In Ghana, my family consists of some doctors and engineers. So for me to want to be an artist was different. I had to make sure that if I wanted to be an artist that it was the right thing. And I had to make sure that if I left to pursue my work that I would come back with good results. When they see my artwork though, they are amazed.

- This article from the Columbia Tribune news source in Missouri tells even more about Nii Hylton -
- Read Nii's Resume that list his artwork's accomplishments and exhibitions -

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African Paintings - Bronze Instrument - True African Art .com
Bronze Instrument
36" x 24" (93 x 62 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

African art paintings by Nii Hylton | Bowl of Pots | True African
Bowl of Pots
36" x 24" (93 x 62 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Hausa Musicians by Nii Hylton - Original African Paintings for Sale
Hausa Musicians
24" x 36" (62 x 93 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Black African Art by Ghanaian Nii Hylton - True African
Intense Calm
36" x 24" (93 x 62 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Ghanian African Art by Nii Hylton
Expectant Mothers
29" x 23" (73 x 60 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

A dancing figure painted in motion by African artist Nii Hylton
24" x 15" (61 x 38 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Abstract African Painting - Captivity -
24" x 16" (60 x 40 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Most of Nii's artworks ship from Spain, where he lives and where his works are held. Here in New York, we only hold Nii's African artwork called "Captivity." To make your order risk free, when you order a painting by Nii, we collect your payment & don't release your payment to him until the painting(s) he sends you arrives safely to your home & our Easy Returns policy period has passed, which for consignment works is 5 days. Nii is on a strict signed contract with us. He has responsibly shipped numerous paintings of his to clients buying his works worldwide through
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