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African artist Mahseshi Photoshopped himself in front of the True African Art banner!

Tanzanian Artist Majeshi
Photoshopped himself in front of our Logo!

African Artist Painter

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"Majeshi" lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa, a community vibrant with African art painters, including the internationally operating Tingatinga Cooperative.

Finding True African Art .com through an online search, African artist Majeshi first contacted us and several other art galleries while having his artwork being displayed through another online gallery. Through several conversations of getting to know each other, Majeshi really wanted to have True African Art be the new owner of his Black African artwork. Throughout our conversations, we continually found Majeshi to be careful, mature and responsible beyond his age. Top that off with his passion to have his Black African paintings on a successful international platform, we wanted to help propel him into a worldwide reach. "I want to work internationally rather than locally" Majeshi told us. "I am known in Tanzania. People know me here in Tanzania and they buy my artwork. But I want to be international as an artist. I have practiced my style, now I want to introduce it to the world through True African Art's website."

Like many of our new African artists, Majeshi is overflowing with a talent in art, even at a young age of 33. But not only in Black African artwork, Majeshi also excels in computer graphic design, theatre, poetry, and interior design. These talents lead him to be active in several extra curricular activities and workshops involving African painting, charity groups for homeless children, plus environmental and service activities.

Tanzanian African artist, MajeshiMajeshi says, "I get the most benefit from the people that I meet and learn from in these venues. I learn to work as a team with other people, which is something that is very important in a struggling economy that we have here in Tanzania. Learning to work as a team provides the support and resources one cannot obtain had they been working alone. Not only is emotional and social support gained from these groups, but I also learn new art skills in some of the workshops I attend, where we show each other our different styles. This is something that is very beneficial to learn as an African artist."

We asked Majeshi about his African paintings unique style of paper thin figures who bend. He responded by telling us that he has a friend who is a welder. "Whenever I went to his workshop, I saw him flattening things. I tried doing the welding myself and I succeeded. I loved the style and thus made my figures in my African art paintings thin, like they were welded. It was a fascinating discovery for my contemporary African art."

A confident, but humble man, Majeshi knows what he wants. His Father, who sadly passed away recently, gave Majeshi the means to start painting some years ago by giving him money for art supplies. Majeshi told us, "I will always remember my Father for that, for without him, I would not be painting now. Making African paintings is great source of income for me."

Coming from a large family, Majeshi is the second youngest sibling, but he lives in Dar es Salaam, so much is expected of him from his family in terms of resources and establishing a bountiful lifestyle. "My siblings depend on me, even though I am not the oldest, but because I live in town, much is expected of me. The others live in the village so they depend on what I can find for them here." Majeshi has been married for 7 years now and has one daughter.

Website Owner, Gathinja, with Majeshi's paintings.
Website Owner, Gathinja, with
some of Majeshi's African artworks.

"My life is art," Majeshi says. Without it, my life would not be in a good position. I'm living through the art. I was able to buy land through it. For me, there is no life without art. It has made me to live. God chose me to be an artist, I cannot deny God's education. I am obeying God's love for me to be an artist. That is why I paint."

Majeshi is one our many artists who are great at what they do. They recognize their gift and are eager to do even more. If you see a work on Majeshi's African paintings for sale Page that you like, try it out for 60 days! If you don't like it or if it doesn't fit your decor you can send back the painitng (see our Easy Returns Page for details) When you purchase any painting from us, you enable us to buy more African paintings and thus support a painters artwork , family, and lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy the art by this talented African artist. If you do, leave a comment in our Guestbook to let himw your compliments. They would be greatly appreciated, spreading across the oceans to Majeshi's small part of Africa.

On behalf of Majeshi, True African Art .com thanks you for your support of his work and our website as a whole.


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Tanzanian African Paintings - Zebra by Majeshi - True African Art.comZebra
23.5" x 32" (60 x 81 cm)
Oils on Canvas

African art for sale
A Dream
15" x 22.5" (38 x 57 cm)
Oils on Canvas

African artwork by Tanzanian artist Majesi - True African
Hakuna Matata
19" x 27" (48 x 69 cm)
Oils on Sack Cloth

This is How it is
16" x 22" (40 x 56 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas