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- Ethiopian African artist, Mahlet -

Ethiopian Art

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A Born Talent:
Fashion in Art by Mahlet

Mature beyond her years, 24 year old Mahlet was born, raised, and lives in Ethiopia.

We had the opportunity to interview Mahlet after purchasing her artwork and this is what she had to say about her skill and interest in art and fashion:

"My very first inspiration for art is my Father.   As a child. I watched him paint and I found it fascinating. He painted realistic pieces, but he created graphic design too, so he painted full time.

I started sketching and drawing at the age of four. My whole family supports my art aspirations. My mother is a good critique, but has never painted.

I have never had the chance to exhibit in a solo or group role. Most of my art is shared amongst my relatives, friends, and neighbors so finding and being accepted on True African Art .com is an exception and an honor.

My art is inspired by beauty of women. Most of the time when people think of Ethiopian art they think religious art, which is there, but with my generation, the subject is broadening out to include all aspects of life and the communities we live in.

I have exhibited my works at Pushkin Theater and Art school in Addis Ababa and received numerous recognitions.

African Artist of Fashion and Painting, Malet.

The African artwork I paint usually has dresses in them. Traditional dresses are typically made from woven white cotton dress, vibrantly embroidered at the edges. The customary way of wearing these dresses is to wrap a shawl called a "netela" around the dress. I enjoy designing clothes that reflect such a traditional outlook incorporated with current fashion trends. My other works display my creative and purely imaginative works. In addition, I also enjoy working on portraits for people. But mostly, I draw decorative things where you can easily see and understand the beauty within it. I want to show the beauty of women and the beauty of color in my art. "

Mahlet has succeeded in her ambition with the pieces shown here on True African Art .com. We will be working with her for some time and look forward to seeing what she makes as she grows into her adult years.

Mahlet currently studies Psychology at the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia University and upon graduating, is aspiring to come to the USA  to obtain her Masters.


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African women paintings on True African
"One Beauty"
12" x 16" (31 x 41 cm)
Watercolors on Paper

Ethiopian African artwork
"Being Wild"
8" x 20" (20 x 51 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Ethiopian contemporary art by Mahlet - True African
"Serving Coffee"
13" x 16" (33 x 41 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas