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Extra Biography Info on JOSEPH THIONGO

....Continued from Joseph Thiongo's information page.

Close up of Joseph Thiongo's African landscape of Mount Kilimanjaro

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Joseph Thiongo told us he began a career as a full time African artist a good 20 years ago in 1993, after having worked in other occupations. Joseph says he was never satisfied in other jobs until he devoted himself to making African art paintings.

We have learned as part of our ongoing conversations with Joseph that he is currently expanding his artwork by painting on canvas with acrylics. He discovered that he makes wildlife and African landscape paintings on canvas just as well with with watercolors on paper.
African painter Joseph Thiongo with one of his paintings on True African Art .com.
Thiongo's African art has been purchased all over the country of Kenya by various art dealers and galleries. Exhibitions containing Joseph Thiongo's original African art paintings for sale have been held not only in Kenya but also throughout its neighboring country of Tanzania. Most of all, Joseph Thiongo's wildlife and African landscape paintings have been collected by many private buyers in various countries around the world who are in love with his artwork.

We asked Joseph Thiongo where his success in creating African artwork would take him. He replied that he hopes to someday open an art school for underprivileged children in Kenya.

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We wish African artist Joseph Thiongo continued success and are proud to feature his original African paintings here on True African

Gathinja with some of Joseph's kids.

Website Founder, Gathinja Yamokoski with the youngest of Joseph Thiongo's children at the railroad tracks just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. They are holding a rolled up painting Joseph just gave to Gathinja.

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