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African landscapes paintings - Young Kenyan Artist, Yegonizer -

Evans Yegon
Contemporary African Paintings

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Evans artist name is "Yegonizer" and that is how he signs his paintings.

We met Evans through a formal application he made to be on our website in early 2013. We recognized his skill immediately and after several phone conversations, we decided to place him as one of the latest African artists on our site! Evans has proven himself to be a professional, with plenty of time and room to grow. We are pleased to welcome "Yegonizer" as part of our True African Art .com village. We hold all of Evans' paintings here with us in New York with Free Delivery Worldwide!

Evans Yegon is from Kenya, East Africa and is naturally skilled, but enhanced his artistic ability at one of the finest school in the capital city of Nairobi, The Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts. He started attending there in 2006. He studied Interior Design and Painting Fine Arts. The main benefit he received from the school was how to paint on canvas.

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All the paintings we carry from "Yegonizer" are originals, painted and stretched on canvas. They can be sent to you stretched or unstretched with, yes, Free Shipping Worldwide!

African artist Evans Yegon with website owner Gathinja
          Evans & website owner, Gathinja.

Evans says he finds it hard to paint small size African artworks. He says he wants the space to encapsulate the scene which is in his mind, which are all wide and tall, not small. "I paint what I see he says and it is never in a small format. I see a landscape from afar with a wide view. I envision it from left to right in my mind to see the whole impression. Then, I remember it again and again and finally once I have it, I paint it."

Evans loves playing soccer and watching it on television. He has five siblings: two brothers and three sisters. His Father was also good at art.

Evans Yegon with his one of his realistic African landscape paintings.
African artist Evans "Yegonizer" Yegon paints mostly landscapes, some portraits, and some Bible stories, as you can see "Palm Sunday" on the right. "Yegonizer" hopes to pass a message of tranquility through his landscapes and likes to use vibrant colors in his portraits. He has indeed had success with his artwork, through exhibitions, galleries in Nairobi, and now being put on the world platform. The African paintings you see here are made exclusively for you, only on True African Art!

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Nelson Mandela -2
31" x 47" (80 x 120 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Still Waters
47 " x 31" (120 x 80cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Walk into the World
47" x 31" (120 x 80 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Palm Sunday
47" x 31" (120 x 80 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Before the Mountains
47" x 31" (120 x 80 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas