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Daniel Akortia had a start with True African Art in 2013. In that year, he sent some images for inclusion on our website. We initially turned him down as we get so many submissions, but we heard from him again in mid 2015 and the paintings he has sent us are some fantastic African paintings for sale.

Daniel presents his work maturely with a deep understanding of the subject he is painting.  From the African woman, to music and the afterlife of the ancestors, Daniel explores and challenges not only his skills, but also the perception of the art's viewer.  And like all our paintings online, these also look even better to view in person!

Daniel signs his paintings as Nshira, which means "blessing." He is a native Ghanaian born in 1979. After finishing secondary schooling in 1998, he attended Art College for three years, pursuing drawing, painting, textile design and graphic design. In his own words “I live in a world of my own, and therefore refuse to be drawn from real life. I concentrate on drawing my personal visions.”

African artist of many styles, Daniel Akortia Daniel Akortia goes on to state that “My aim is to depict the history and culture of Africa as it really is, in the true colors of nature. After completing college, I have spent all my time painting. I mainly use bright colors and my paintings are often like decorative patterns of abstract expression”.

Many of Daniel’s paintings can be found in private homes and collections, art galleries in Ghana, at exhibits in Ghana and now internationally through True African Art. We accept price offers you make as well as 0% interest payment installments.

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At right are sample artworks from this African Artist, available now as art prints in several mediums, frames, & other media options.

See this Artist's original art for sale.

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African artist Daniel Akortia paints a variety of paintings based on his life in Ghana.
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