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African Artist C-Kle with one of his paintings for sale on True African Art. - Ghanaian, C-Kle, with            his African Art -

C-Kle comes on the scene
with his Original Paintings!

At right are examples of artworks from this African Artist, available as art prints in several mediums, frames, & other media options.

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About C-Kle's African Art Paintings

Clement Laryea, also known by his artist name, C-Kle, is a Ghanaian artist born in 1982 in Ghana’s capital of Accra. He graduated in 1999 as a Visual Art student who studied the theoretical aspect of art. C-Kle continued his art eduation for five years by learning fine art and sculpture designing through an apprenticeship.

In 2009, C-Kle started selling some of these paintings to galleries in Accra such as Accra Art Centre, African Market Gallery, and the Loom Gallery.

He contacted us in 2012 about being on the site, but did not have the body of work we were looking for. So some years past and in early 2016, C-Kle contacted us again, sending us some awesome pictures of his art, and also a simple question:How do I get on True African Art with you guys? We liked his simple shortness, but most of all his new paintings struck quite a chord with us. After several phone conversations, we decided that C-Kle would join our ranks as our 72nd artist.

The one thing about C-Kle is that he is comfortable marketing his art. He has shown his art all over Accra and is known in the area by almost anybody in the art circles. He does exhibitions with other vendors, sole exhibitions in hotels, and is collected worldwide by some of the most discreet galleries. But like all our paintings, we have the best price for his paintings, and if you find a better deal, we will match it plus give you an additional 10% off! We call this our Lowest Price Guarantee and you can read more about in our Frequently Asked Questions. Plus, you can Make an Offer on any of C-Kle's African paintings.

C-kle’s African art paintings for sale encompass many different aspects of African life, from the mundane chores of the day, to the universal pleasure of reading from a book at a young age. He paints the life around him and from the experiences he has had with people and events in the City.

We are grateful to C-Kle for his persistence with us and gladly welcome him to our ranks. For other artists from Africa who want the same consideration we give to C-Kle and all our inquiries, feel free to read about our selection process on our Be on the Site Page. Enjoy!

At right are samples of Sold artworks from this African Artist, available now as art prints in several mediums, frames, & other media options.

See this Artist's original art for sale.

African painting of an a child reading a book - True African Art .com
Discover to Recover

Original African painting - True African Art .com
May I have this Dance?

C-Kle's African artwork
Rule Your World

C-Kle from Ghana
Into the Future

African artist C-Kle paints the relay race of the Olympic Sports.
                                                                                                                Always a Victory