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Extra BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION on our African Artists

Close up of Martin Bulinya's "We are Home"

We had an opportunity to further our relationship with several of our African artists after acquiring their paintings in Africa and bringing them to where we are based in New York, USA. During our conversations we learned much more about these prolific, dedicated artists.

The pages here are in addition to their "Artist Info" pages, where sample paintings and other original biographical commentary is featured. Adding to the original information on those pages, the content here is also one of a kind and obtained directly from the artists. Except for a few artist's achievements lists, the information here is not sourced from anywhere else on the Internet. On the contrary, our artists gave True African an exclusive, direct, and personal look at their historical background and the African culture that shaped it.

To read about our select artists, go to the About Menu above and click "Extra Artists Bios."

So enjoy! We hope that the biographical information shared adds depth and more meaning to the African paintings you view here on True African

Thank you.