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    - A bright Tingatinga painting -

TINGATINGA African Art Paintings for Children and all Ages

Due to the rise and fall of the mass commercialization of TingaTinga paintings, we no longer sell their exploited artwork. We have kept this page as a reminder of what they used to be.

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Tingatinga Art Style

The Tingatinga Appeal

The Tingatinga Style African paintings are animated, fun, creative, and are commonly bought as gifts for children's rooms. Tingatingas carry a mystique of beauty that has created a common universal appeal.

The BBC and Walt Disney aired the Tinga Tinga Tales children's TV series. The shows were animated by Tingatinga African painters. Unfortunately, accompanying the shows were behind the scenes copyright controversies.

Tingatinga paintings are named for Edward Saidi Tingatinga, their original creator.

Born in 1936 in the Namochelia village of South Tanzania, his mother was named Agnes Mtembo. She was from tribe of Makua and Edward's father was from the tribe of Mngindo. Edward's mother, Agnes, later born three more children with another father, all of whom have since passed away except one, Galusi. Edward Tingatinga was married to Agatha Mataka and they had two children, Martina and Daudi.

Edward Tingatinga's first paintings were made in the mid-1960's. He made an income on these original paintings and shortly thereafter, his style was copied by his relatives.

Upon Edward's untimely, accidental death in 1972, the "Tingatinga" colorful children's style was adopted by many artists across Tanzania. These African artists now paint together, along with Edward's family, in a formal group of about 100 members at the center of the Tingatinga movement, the Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, formed in 1990. At 70 years old, Omari Amonde is the last living student of Edward Saidi Tingatinga and he is also the oldest painter of the style.

Today, the art form for all ages can also be found in Kenya, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, South America, Canada, and the United States.