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Original African Artwork, Collages

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We do not carry prints of Mbatia's artwork.  The paintings to the right are examples of past SOLD works.  Like many of our artists, we have bought directly from Steve Mbatia on multiple occassions.

Steve Mbatia with True African Art .com Staff Member, Edwin Omondi

About Steve Mbatia's Collage Style

A close up of Steve Mbatia's Collage Style

The original African paintings we acquired from African artist Steve Mbatia for True African were made very intricately with photos and colors from magazines, to create a final product of African scene collages that you see here.

For example, "Busy Market" (a portion of its closer image shown here) has almost hundreds of details amongst the activity of the whole painting, made explicitly from scraps of magazines.

And then Mbatia switches to "Photogenic, a portrait honoring the East Africa Woman." This painting has a more simple background with a variation of colors to complete the character and her jewelry. The magazine clippings that make up "Photogenic" accentuate the shadows and light inside the scene.

To make these paintings, Steve first makes a sketch with a pen or pencil on a board of what he wants the final product to look like. Then he tears colors or subjects out of magazines with his fingers, puts it all together to make the African art you see here and uses a furnish to make the pieces stick and shine, as well as to protect the work of the African Art.

The beauty of these paintings is that they are not messy with glue between the clippings, but on the contrary, are glossed over with a shine from a technique Mbatia shares in his video above.

We have purchased from Steve several times now, coming to him at times that he needs a sale.  And he is grateful for all your comments and compliments of his African artwork.  If you have a picture in mind that you would like to challenge Steve to make, be our guest!

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"Arranging the Shop"

A collage from magazines makes up an African painting by African artist Steve Mbatia
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Steve Mbatia
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"Busy Market"

"Life Gives In
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