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African Artist STEVE MBATIA's Biographical Information

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African artist Steve Mbatia with one of his paintingsSteve Mbatia was born in 1963, around the time of Kenya's Independence from the British in 1965. He spent his early years in Murang'a, Kenya.

Mbatia later enrolled in Thika High School & Kenya Polytechnic whereupon, in 1988, he earned a Bachelor's of Education in Fine Arts from Nairobi's Kenyatta University. He then taught art at Thogoto Teachers College. In 1993, Mbatia created an African Art studio in Ngong, where he could work independently. Subsequently, in 1995, he became a full time artist.

Steve Mbatia has exhibited his African artwork in Kenya at the Art Panorama, Signature Gallery, French Cultural Centre, and the British Council. The Nairobi National Museum displayed his work only in a special exhibition. Mbatia has also been featured in Japan and New York City.

The unique thing about Mbatia's work over time is that he changes his media style. Besides the current style of collages you see here, African Artist Steve Mbatia has worked in the past with watercolors, charcoal, oils and stone and wood for actual sculptures. For his animal paintings, he gets inspiration from watching the annual wildlife migration at the Maasai Mara in the Ngorongoro and Amboseli areas.

Steve's education has allowed him to work with such areas of art media. He says the best part about being an African artist is seeing his students really engaged in their art, getting their techniques and learning from what he teaches them.

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