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- African artist John Ndambo
with Website Owner, Gathinja -

Black African Art of the Maasai

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African Painting Artist John Ndambo has met with us on two separate occasions and both times our visits were very enjoyable. We met in Nairobi, Kenya over a few drinks and found John to be disciplined and knowledgeable about his craft. And like most African artists on our website, we have kept in touch too with John after acquiring his Maasai African art paiintings.

The following is exclusive information to True African Art .com about his biography, straight from John himself:

Close up of African Oil painter, John Ndambo's artwork

John Ndambo comes from the Chawai region of Taita Taveta, specifically in the Mwawache village of Kenya. Attending Mwawache Primary School and later, Mwafuga High School, John's art skills were influenced by his Father's business with African souvenir arts and crafts. "These art crafts inspired me very much," John says. "Some of them looked very artistic. Then after meeting some of my friends who were painting, I just got into it deeply and discovered I could create as an African artist." While growing up, John Ndambo's African paintings art were always a hit to all in his school community.

His very first African artworks were made in 1992 and were of horse riding and a Market scene. They were bought by the famous Gallery Watatu "which really gave me the moral to switch to painting full time" John says. "It's my passion now."

Now in his early 40's, John Ndambo frequently watches Maasai African tribes at their huts in Kenya or with their cows and also views them through visits to Arusha, Tanzania. John paints the Maasai tribe because he loves their culture and radiant red clothing. John says, "I found that so many people like my paintings of this kind." With palette knife in hand, he paints today from the visits he makes to Maasai land, having first started painting the subject in 1996.

John is a loving husband and devoted Father of three children: a daughter and two sons. Outside of Kenya, he has traveled to Arusha, Tanzania and Kampala, Uganda.

Ndambo's African artwork has traveled even farther. It has been showcased in the United States, Rome, and at the Edinburgh Art Festival in Scotland and London. John Ndambo's African art paintings have also been featured exclusively by The Royal Overseas League.

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Oil African art paintings by Maasai artist John Ndambo. N 26
9.5" x 6" (24 x 15cm)
Oil on Paper

Maasai African art
N 27
9.5" x 13" (24 x 33 cm)
Oil on Paper

African painting for sale by Maasai painter, John Ndambo - True African Art N 19
10" x 6" (25 x 16 cm)
Oil on Paper

Maasai art by African artist John Ndambo - True African N 24
19" x 13" (49 x 33 cm)
Oil on Paper