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True African Art .com Artist, Elisha Ongere

- African Painter
  Elisha Ongere

ELISHA ONGERE's Contemporary African Oil Paintings

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Like many African artists, Elisha Ongere discovered his art talent through recreation and experimentation as a child. The difference with Ongere is that he knew even before starting primary school that he had a firm gift for African art paintings. This was reinforced when Ongere attended Ratanga Primary School in Nyanza Province, Kenya, where peers and teachers were constantly interested in his drawings, portraits, and coloring.

As years passed, Ongere matured in his form. Beginning in 1991, he started taking his African artworks to local city galleries and they flourished.

Elisha Ongere's contemporary, abstract, African oil paintings now have extensive exposure beyond Kenya including the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, and Japan. He has exhibited and sold locally in National Museum's Gallery of Contemporary East African Art, the French Cultural Center, the French and German Embassies, African Heritage Store, Tazama Gallery, Ramoma Gallery, and the Gallery Watatu.

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Elisha Ongere's Black African art oil paintings are popular because of their themes, creativity, originality, and presentation of materials. Ongere gets his subject ideas from Kenya's modern life, its news, and political issues.

This unique African Artist is a graduate with honors from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. There he studied Fine Art and Geography. He obtained a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies at Kenyatta University and teaches art at Kisumu Day Secondary school. He is a husband and Father of three grown children, all in College.

True African is pleased to present these original, abstract, contemporary African oil paintings by Elisha Ongere. Enjoy!

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Abstract African Paintings - True African Art .com

Being Together
18" x 22.5"   (46 x 57 cm)
Oils on Canvas

Black African Art by Elisha Ongere entitled My Baby

My Baby
13.5" x 22.5" (27 x 56 cm)
Oils on Canvas

African Oil Paintings by Elisha Ongere

Playful Sisters
18" x 23"  (47 x 58 cm)
Oils on Canvas

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Contemporary African Painting Girl Beauty
Girl Beauty
14" x 22.5"   (36 x 57 cm)
Oils on Canvas Black art by African Artist, Elisha Ongere
Dinka Girls
11.5" x 23.5"   (29 x 60 cm)
Oils on Canvas

Abstract Black art painting
Day's Meal
14" x 23"   (34 x 57 cm)
Oils on Canvas