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Kenya Blue Rhino Map close up with Tanzanian border. Kenya Map corner. Click for a close up!


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About Blue Rhino Maps of Africa

Blue Rhino Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa exclusively prints these beautiful maps. They sell directly to us in the New York, USA & we send them to you worldwide at the lowest price online!

Thank you for making True African Art .com your choice for Blue Rhino Map prints! True African Art .com has the Lowest Prices for Blue Rhino Maps found online! With Worldwide Shipping included in our prices, you really can't get a better deal! Maps sent within America are priced at $33.99, while maps sent outside of the USA are $39.99.

We buy our maps directly and only from the genuine Blue Rhino Maps original source distributor in Nairobi, Kenya. This is from the beautiful Blue Rhino Ltd. Stores located at ABC Plaza and The Village Market in Nairobi.

You can buy the maps securely on our site directly with a credit card or through Pay Pal. Within the USA, orders would arrive at your doorstep in usually less than a week. Internationally, you would receive your Blue Rhino Map in around 2 weeks or less. 

Been on a recent trip to Africa and forgot to bring home one of these unique and beautiful Blue Rhino Maps? Or maybe you've been looking for something great to represent your favorite African country?

Look no further! True African is your official source for the guaranteed lowest price online for Blue Rhino Maps!

African Blue Rhino Maps feature illustrative representations of Africa's countries in a geographic format. The African countries printed at this time are: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia.

Blue Rhino Maps are unique in that not only are the maps of the African countries geographically correct and accurate, they also hold a bounty of hidden illustrative features that deal with the history and interests of their respective countries.

Each section of the map details what is found in that particular location of the African country, including wildlife, tribes, climate, landscape, bodies of water, and more. When one closely looks firsthand at these Blue Rhino Maps, in the first several looks they always exclaim that they see something new: like a hidden picture within the map that pops out at them unexpectedly or a road they see on the map leading to a place they had went to, but never saw in a geographically mapped detail. Furthermore, the Blue Rhino Maps very patently outline the shapes they depict of an African country. They encapsulate all the topical features a map would normally provide in any World Atlas.

A Blue Rhino Map is often said to become a great display piece on one's wall in their home that starts a conversation with their family and friends about the fun times they had, the things they saw, and the people they met in their journey on the homeland of Africa.

Simply put, there's enough to look at that you really can spend more than one sitting remembering your adventure to yourself or recapping it to others!

So Blue Rhino Maps are perfect as keepsakes for your fond memories of traveling amongst Africa's distinctive terrain and meeting its loving and remarkably strong communities of people. The Blue Rhino Maps are also great as gifts for those who have never traveled to the continent of Africa but who admire and dream about going to that one special place that they may have heard, seen and read so much about.

Blue Rhino Maps are prints on True African Art .com. They are not originals. We thus have copies of each country and one can order more than one in the shopping cart.

True African Art .com has established a professional relationship with the Blue Rhino Map suppliers inside Africa and our African staff always have access to the company for your larger orders.

The lowest online price for these African Blue Rhino Maps, at $33.99 within the USA and $39.99 for orders outside the USA, is found only here on True African Art .com. Like most paintings on our website, shipping is included in the sales price, no matter where in the world you live. You really can't find a better deal! If you do find a better deal online, including any online "make an offer" arrangements, we'll match that price plus give you an additional 10% off. As our Lowest Price Guarantee, that's the policy for ALL PAINTINGS on True African Art .com.

So enjoy the pictures here and anticipate getting one or two Blue Rhino Maps of your favorite African country swiftly in the mail directly from True African! Please contact us with any questions or for special orders.

Thank you for trusting True African and enjoy looking around! We hope to hear from you and help you get a Blue Rhino Map or any original African painting for your home, office or loved one.


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Kenya Blue Rhino Map

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