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Tanzanian African artist Masoud creates colorful, fun African paintings.  Here he is pictured with - Masoud Kibwana -

30 Other Artists & their African Art Paintings for Sale Online

Here are just a few examples of Sold artworks from many African Artists.  They are available now as as prints in several mediums, with hundreds of frame choices, and other media options.

See these African Artist's current artworks for sale.
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About 30 Other Artists

The "Originals" Navigation Menu selection of "30 Other Artists" consists of a variety of artists from Africa. There has actually been about 45 artists appearing off and on it or just once, at any given time. These Artists had only 1-2 pieces displayed, not enough to have their own page.

This "About - Artist Info" Page highlights some of the best paintings we had on that 30 Other Artists Originals Page. They are all sold and are reproduced now as Prints. See our Prints Site for even more selections!

Tanzanian African Artist, Masoud

Masoud reached out us in 2012 to be one of our artists. After several conversations, we purchased two of his paintings, now sold. We were struck with the originality and detail of these two paintings as no other African art we had seen was like it. In April of 2015, we returned to Masoud to collect three more original paintings for us in New York from Masoud in Tanzania. The three artworks are unlike 2012's, yet still combine skill and originality. Masoud paints colorful, lively paintings that leave a happy impression on their viewers. A young artist, Masoud has great talent and we are proud to help him launch his career on True African Art!

Masoud Kibwana - My Song - Abstact woman with a guitar. Masoud - Tanzania
"My Song"

African artist from Tanzania, Masoud Kibwana - Keeping it Cool.   Here is Masoud with his man in a hat playing the flute.
Masoud - Tanzania
"Keeping it Cool"

James Nii Addo

Ghanaian African artist, James Addo with Lullaby and a Photoshop insert of the True African Art logo. James wrote to us some years back from Ghana, West Africa, asking to be on the website. Like so many artists before him, givcwe asked to see pictures of his paintings and conducted a phone interview with him. James became an excellent communicator and his art was stunning!

Being that his first stock sold, we went back to James in 2017 to buy more, new African paintings from him, including a medium size sequel to "Lullaby." See them on our 30 Other Artists Store Page.

James Nii Addos African Art Painting, Lullaby - James Nii Addo - Ghana- Lullaby-

African Artist John Ndungu shares his original African artwork with True African Art owner, Gathinja Yamokoski.- John Ndungu with his painting and Gathinja -

James Nii Addo's large Musical African painting of a Xylophonist.

- James Nii Addo - Xylophonist -

2 Women artists from Afrca:  Maryann Muthoni and Website Owner, Gathinja Yamokoski - Maryann Muthoni with Website Owner, Gathinja -

Only until some years after an initial purchase from Maryann Muthoni did we actually meet her in person. We had bought "Blue Day" through a phone transaction and never actually spoke to her as her Colleague in the studio did the negotiations on her behalf. We were both glad to have met up with each other in her studio 3 years later and the above is the picture we took together. The original of "Blue Day" was a unique masterpiece, painted on a hard board with seemingly dozens of shades of blue. Welcome and thank you Maryann!

Other Women African Artists
on True African

  • Kenyan artist and Website Owner, Gathinja.
  • Kenyan who crafted with Maasai fabric, Sarah Shiundu.
  • Ethiopian fashion painting artist, Mahlet.
  • Sold works by Anne Berenge and Jane Wanjeri.

Exclusive Video Interview

East African Wildlife Painting of Cheetahs under a tree and Elephants by a Waterhole with Mount Kenya in the background. - Jane Wanjeri - Kenya -
"Sunrise Watch"
African landscape painting. A cottage amindst long green grass and Palm Trees at the East African Coast African Coast Cottage Scene
"Forest House"

Here are just a few examples of Sold artworks from many African Artists.  They are available now as as prints in several mediums, with hundreds of frame choices, and other media options.

See these African Artist's current artworks for sale.

Blue Day African Painting by Woman Artist Maryann Muthoni
Maryann Muthoni - Kenya
"Blue Day"

A typical village scene in East Africa. drawn by Jane Wanjeri from Kenya.
Jane Wanjeri - Kenya
"Village Chores"

Our sole African art painting by Martin Kamuyu - The Rooster Crows
Martin Kamyu - Kenya
"The Rooster Crows"

An Congalese abstract painting of a Face.
Kuku - The Congo
"Congalese Face 2"

Wilson Simwa - African Artwork - Another Place - True African Art.
Wilson Simwa - Kenya
"Another Place"

Ronex - Young Dreads - Uganda - Contemporary African painting on True African Art .com
Ronex - Uganda
"Young Dreads"

Michael Wafula - Abstract African Art - Prayers Under God's Eyes - True African Art
Michael Wafula - Kenya -
Prayers under God's Eyes.

John Ndungu - Kenya - Honey Pots - Charcoal on Canvas - True African Art
John Ndungu - Kenya - Honey Pots

Mother and Child - Two as One - Nigeria
Elizabeth - Nigeria - Two as One

Almost Done - Kenya - Wilson Simwa - True African Art .com
Wilson Simwa - Kenya - Almost Done