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Tanzanian African artist Masoud creates colorful, fun African paintings.           - Masoud -

30 Other Artists & their
African Art Paintings

This page is a sample of 30 artists' African artwork & a few of their biographies.  Go to their Store Page to see all the paintings & their pricing.

Tanzanian African Artist, Masoud

Masoud reached out us in 2012 to be one of our artists. After several conversations, we purchased two of his paintings, now sold, "Grand Elephants" and "Synced Rhythm." We were struck with the originality and detail of these two paintings as no other African art we had seen was like it. In April of 2015, we returned to Masoud to collect three more original paintings which are on their way to our location in New York from Tanzania. The three artworks are unlike 2012's, yet still combine skill and originality. Masoud paints colorful, lively paintings that leave a happy impression on their viewers. A young artist, Masoud has great talent and we are proud to help him launch his career on True African Art!

See Masoud's African Art Paintings for sale on his Store Page.

James Nii Addo

James Addo with one of his paintings and a photoshop insert of the True African Art logo. James wrote to us in October, 2013 from Ghana, West Africa, asking to be on the website. Like so many artists before him, we asked to see pictures of his paintings and conducted a phone interview with him. James became an excellent communicator and his art was stunning!

We decided to try out two of his pieces and received them in the mail after a short wait. Boy were we impressed!

James' paintings are large and contain a thick, gold paint to enunciate the characters. Both were muscially themed and contained a talent that is uniquely James'.

You can see more details of the two paintings we have from James here on the 25 Other Artists Paintings for Sale Page.

Kenneth Otelu

Kenneth Otelu's depiction of Mask Gods

What Kenneth is portraying here on the right in his African painting, "Bush God," are the masks used in spiritual ceremonies still found across tribes in remote parts of Africa. In these types of ceremonies, masks are worn to imitate and evoke the ancestors spirit, memory, and presence. These Spirits are often called upon to bless and help their communities and villages. Examples of such calling are when rain is needed to overcome a drought, healing one’s physical ailments, and for a blessing in one’s own community when a marriage takes place or when a new king or queen comes to the throne. The ceremonies are always held full of energy and harmony. Kenneth wanted to share these masks with those outside Africa so that you too could be reminded of your past, blessings, and struggles.

The paintings with Jesus in it (right) is about meditation and seeing beyond what is offered by the institution of the Church. Jesus on the cross represents the human establishment of the Church and its failures against what he taught and stood for. With meditation you can see past the images and see what is actually behind it, whether it be good or bad. The woman in the background of the painting represents the failures and ugliness of religion whereas the man shows the attempts made to rectify the institution. The painting as a whole is about life without a church institution, portraying instead God alone and the freedom that faith gives in the people we were created to be.

Maryann's's "Blue Day" painting can be seen below right.
- Maryann Muthoni with Website Owner, Gathinja -
- John Ndungu with his painting and Gathinja -

John Ndungu's exquisite style really gives one the feeling of being in the night. He says that his African paintings represent the work and grace of the revered African woman. When we met with John Ndungu at his home, we also had the pleasure of filming two other African artists whose paintings are also for sale here on True African  They are Willie Wamuti and Martin Kamuyu (below).

Only until 2012 did we actually meet Maryann Muthoni in person. We had bought "Blue Day" in 2009 through a phone transaction and never actually spoke to her as her Colleague in the studio did the negotiations on her behalf. We were both glad to have met up with each other in her studio 3 years later and the above is the picture we took together. "Blue Day" is a unique masterpiece, painted on a hard board with seemingly dozens of shades of blue. Welcome and thank you Maryann!

Other Women African Artists on True African

Video Interview with True African

- African Graphic Artist & Painter, Kennedy Waireri -

Kennedy Waireri is a friend of True African Art .com and is an artist who is originally from Kenya. Using creative styles, Kennedy paints a variety of African and African-American subjects.

African Graphic artist and painter, Kennedy Waireri
Kennedy creates African artwork through both methods of Graphic Design and original paintings. The painting portrayed here is NOT a Graphic Design, but an original painting consisting of acrylics and house paint on canvas. If you haven't already guessed, the original artwork is that of the famous South African jazz musician, Hugh Masekela.

Kennedy Waireri's Original Painting of Hugh Masekela

JARED NJUGUNA Written Interview

On making African art, Jared Njuguna says, "There are very many stages of painting.  By the time you think you are through you realize that you actually only halfway done.  The more I paint African artworks the more inspired & captivated I become!" Jared paints "for the freedom it provides to express myself."

Jared Njuguna There are 8 in his family. Jared is the second oldest and the only painter. He says, "My parents never took my African art seriously when I was young. They always thought I was just passing my time for diversion."

Jared has worked at an NGO painting murals about HIV prevention.

Jared Njuguna gets inspiration from music, beautiful nature, and his fellow artists.

But it is the exhibitions that excite him most.  He has been featured in the Rift Valley Visual Artists Exhibition, Banana Hill Gallery and a Nakuru exhibition under Kenya's Ministry of Culture Office.  Njuguna has also been featured in Kiambu under the Ministry of Agriculture.

We wish him the best of success and are pleased to have met him.

One of Jared's artworks is on the right.  There are more on this Black African Art Store Page.


An abstract view of elephants by Tanzanian African artist Masoud.
Masoud - Tanzania
32"x 24" (81 x 61 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas

Black artworks from the Congo
Kuku-Congalese Face 2
8" x 12" (20 x 30 cm)
Oil on Paper

James Addo
36" x 36" (93 x 93 cm)
Acrylics on Canvas
African art by Ugandan Kenneth Otelu
Kenneth Utelu (Uganda)
"Life Alive"
16" x 31" (41 x 79 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas

Our sole African art painting by Kenneth Otelu
Kenneth Otelu - Uganda
Spiritual Trio
35" x 47" (89 x 119 cm)
Oils on Canvas
Abstract Black art painting
Maryann Muthoni (Kenya)
Blue Day
Abstract Black art painting
John Ndungu (Kenya)
Start the Day
Our sole Black art painting by Jeff Wambugu
Jeff Wambugu
Sense of Pride
10" x 15" (25 x 40 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas
Nude Black African Art
Kinyua (Kenya)
Maasai Nude
25" x 37" (65 x 94 cm)
Acrylic on light Canvas Abstract African art for sale
Amakai (Ghana)
"Akwele's Box"
24" x 36" (61 x 91 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract African art for sale
Bangie Faal (Senegal)
"African Portrait"
18" x 24" (46 x 61 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas

Jared Njuguna
Her Dominance
13" x 20" (34 x 50 cm)
Acrylic on Light Canvas
Abstract African art for sale
Majeshi (Tanzania)
"A Dream"
15" x 22" (38 x 57 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas