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Photos of Africa

Photos of Africa

Love One Another....Know One Another...What are they saying to each other?!
True African Beauty...An African Model
Maasai Tribe Member, Northern Kenya.African Male Model
Congo Brazaville under the French Colony.Zanzibar, Tanzania, 1920.Tuareg
Like tattoos in America, though probably much more painful, scarification is a form of artistic expression among some tribes in Africa.
Scarification amongst the Dinka of Southern Sudan...Another avenue of beauty...
Fashion is different everywhere....Cultures are different everywhere. Celebrate our differences and learn about them.African Tribesman with a Pipe.Enjoying my space...
This is an old photograph from Africa, probably from the 1950's. A rare find.Men of the Maasai tribe jumping in a tribal ceremony or celebration.Rest in Peace, Wangari, and thank you for what you did for Kenya and the natural world around us.
A young Nelson Mandela. Thanks for all you have done.Nelson Mandela today.President Clinton with Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday!
True BeautyAfrican BeautyA natural state for her...
In some remote parts of Africa, women do not wear shirts. It is a tribal custom and provides comfortability from the sun.  This is a natural state of Mama Africa.Colorful friends from the village.
Balancing ActPerhaps selling jewlery...
Painted face, big earlobes...something different...something beautiful.Samburu Warrior
Madala ManNgo Okafor, Model.
One of the largest tribes in South Sudan, the Dinka.
Modern African ModelCity Stalker
Tyson Beckford
Zaire children's game of thinking of things that are circular.Sunrise on Mama Africa
A hysterical scene where possible music from a usually unheard car stereo was playing, creating this dance scene.What's so funny?!!
A budding Zulu warrior!A universal greeting...
What do you see?
Girl from Ghana, West AfricaFriends from afar...
Babies are often carried inside a cloth tied around a woman's front and back. It is very simple method, yet very secure.Most often it is the African woman washing and holding a baby in this fashion. Hats off to the African man!Since humankind began, someone has always needed a Mother.
African school room...It's always good to have a brother or sister to take you along the way...Homemade fun!
Small meditating Warrior!Smile today!Hello from Africa!
Fun at the coast!Go deep into Africa...Following in the Mother's Footsteps...
Maputo, Mozambique. Africa is a mysterious place, with poverty and riches, trash and beauty.A small piece of South AfricaLesotho, South Africa. Passing a village on horseback.
Nesbitt Castle Lodge in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.Shomopole, KenyaZambia bar
Ah, this is home...A tented camp in Tanzania.Yes, there are owls in Africa!The beginning of an African night...
These beautiful animals are endangered.  Protect them!How fast is this cat going?!In attack mode!
Almost lunchtime!

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