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                                                                        Painting of activities of the Maasai Tribe by Martin Bulinya

This Page is an archive of our older news. Go to our "Welcome Page" to read our very latest news. There you can also learn more about our African artists and website!

Spring 2016:

• Abstract art by Tanzanian, Masoud
• Savy African artist from Ghana, Amakai
• Colorful art by Ghanaian artist, Nii Hylton
•  4" x 6" Card Prints from Ghana 
•  New Ink Drawings by Enam Bosokah

Spring, 2015 News:

1. New art from Ghanaians Appiah Ntiaw, Enam Bosokah, & Nii Hylton, plus Tanzanian, Masoud & South African, Kowie Theron.

2. We have our first version of our mobile edition. Check us out on any smart phone or tablet and let us know what you think!

Winter, 2014 News:

  Original drawing with graphite pencils by Ghanaian artist Peter Boateng.

An African Greeting Card for Sale. Handmade in South Africa.
  • Buy our original African Greeting Cards! You can frame them as small paintings or give as a gift. They are from Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.
  • Don't want to pay an artworks full price? No problem! Just Contact Us to pay in installments on a piece, interest free for up to one year. Your painting is reserved during that time & once paid for, we send it to you. It's that easy!
  • Ghanaian Peter Boateng draws solely with graphite pencils.  Click his Oprah piece to the left.
  • Ugandan Kenneth Otelu is our newest artist using traditional themes.
  • Acclaimed & inspiring artist Abdul Badi has new prints with us.
  • Beautiful portraits of dark skin with oils,introducing South African Kowie Theron.
  • Kenyan Steve Mbatia's unique collages return to True African Art.

Autumn, 2014 News:

Spring, 2014 News:

  • We have a new Home Page Slideshow that opens up the site when you first arrive. We also have a secondary Home Page labled "Welcome" that summarizes who we are and what we do.
  • Our New "Make an Offer" Feature is for higher end paintings. Previously, an Inquire button had you e-mail us for the prices. Now, the website has the price appearing along with the Make an Offer button. You can range your offer based on the suggested price.
  • Enam Bosokah, an African artist from Ghana, joins our ranks with his only painting tool, a pen. He makes stunning, detailed portraits from it. Enam's Info Page can be read here.
  • Three new paintings by Ghanaian artist Ti Jay!

Winter, 2013-2014 News:

  • We have new categories in our Navigation! Click the "Paintings for Sale" menu at the top of each page to browse African paintings by art category. Searching by "Artist Name" is still useful if you an artist's work in one category and want to browse their whole collection.

Spring, 2013 News:

  • Want to receive notices when we add new paintings? How about for special sales or major updates to our site? Now you can! At the
    Beloved Sarah Shiundu, Rest in Peace
    Beloved friend and one of our
    African Artists, Sarah Shiundu,
    passed away on March 8, 2013.
    footer of every webpage, there is a short form where you have the opportunity to sign up to receive such periodic notices. Be in the know with the leading African paintings gallery on the Internet. Sign up today!
  • Unfortunate News from Nairobi: One of our beloved friends & artist Sarah Shiundu, died on March 8, 2013 in Nairobi hospital after a long illness. We will miss Sarah's joy & laughter tremendously as she brightened & added happiness to our lives. For those of you who have purchased her artwork, please treasure it & pass it on to your future generations with Sarah's information, video interview, and pictures.To view Sarah's remaining African artworks, please see her Store Page.
  • We have a new logo on the Home Page! An original African painting by watercolor artist Joseph Thiongo, we Photoshopped the image to make a beautiful, happy, and bright new logo.