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Children dancing

Slideshows & Extra Media Videos

Slideshows of African Paintings & Photos from Africa,
plus News Videos on African Art.

Scroll down this page to see all the videos.

VIDEO HELP: Roll over the bottom part of the video while it is playing to reveal its volume and full screen options. Video stopping too much? Try pausing the running video for 3 minutes to let it load. Then, play it again.

Immediately below is a CNN video on "Growing Demand for African Art: An African art Exhibition in New York."

Below is the Video Poem of "I am an African" Speech from former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki


Below here is Part 1 of 2 of an African paintings slide show, containing some of our artworks, with accompanying African music.


The next video slide show below contains the second part of our African art paintings with music. Part 2 of 2. 

Slideshow pictures of Kenya & Africa with music, featuring the continent's land, wildlife, people, tribes, cities, poverty & wealth.


Kenyan Artwork Growing in International Popularity - Video by Voice of America below-