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Welcome to True African Art .com!

Who We Are:

True African Art .com is a premier online African art gallery store that focuses on original, one of a kind, contemporary African paintings.

My name is Gathinja Yamokoski. I own True African Art and operate it from Westchester County, New York, a suburb north of New York City. I am also one of the website's 55 African artists. I was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa and have lived in the USA  since 2002.

I own most of our pieces and have them here with me in New York. I've sent African artworks all over the world, and with no shipping cost to you, shipping is free!

I staff two Kenyans who operate on site in Africa. They are Edwin Omondi and Michael Kivindyo. They stay abreast of the African art scene and work with our already posted African artists, acquiring paintings from them and sending them to me in the USA  when I am not in Africa.

Where do your paintings come from?

We buy most of our paintings from African artists themselves on the continent of Africa. As of March, 2013 we have 55 painters on our site. Many of our paintings come from Kenya but we also have African artworks from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and South Africa. You can see us with some of our African artist painters in videos and pictures throughout the site.

Why Choose Us for Original African Paintings?

1.  Free Worldwide Delivery!

All paintings in our Black art collection are delivered to you for free, no matter where in the world you live!  They would be sent to you via The U.S. Postal Service First Class service. So the price you see displayed under any Black art painting is their total cost. There are no extra costs or hidden fees. Other carriers and express shipping is priced from the carriers own generated quotes. We do not profit from them.

How long does it take to receive a painting in the mail for free?  
        ◦ USA  orders usually arrive in less that a week.
        ◦ International deliveries take around 2 weeks or less.

2.  Lower Prices in 2013!

In 2013, we lowered the prices on most of our Black African Artwork to strengthen our position as your choice for original African paintings. Prices that are not lowered are some African artworks by our consignment artists: Nii Hylton, Appiah Ntiaw, Ti Jay, Hussein Saidi, and Abdul Badi. Also, more distinctive works now have an "Inquire" button so that you can e-mail us for pricing that fits your budget.

3.  A Lowest Price Guarantee!

Buy with confidence and know that our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures that you are indeed getting the lowest prices online for an original African painting.  How does it work? SImple. For the same artist, similar sizing and style of an in stock painting, if you find a lower price online than us or receive a private e-mail offer that is lower than us, we will match that price plus give you an additional 10% off your selected paintings! Just show us the source and we'll send you an adjusted Pay Pal invoice.

4.  A Secure Check Out

You are safe on our site with Banking Industry SSL or HTTPS Internet Encryption standards. This means your financial details are protected & kept confidential through the process of buying a painting. We don't even receive or see your full credit card number, only our processor, Pay Pal, does.

5.  We are "Loyal to Artists....Loyal to You."

We treat our artists fairly and pay them mostly directly for their artworks.  This is turn provides low costs to you with the quality customer service you deserve. See our Fair Trade Principles Page to learn more.

6. Paintings Enhance your Surroundings

Original African art paintings refresh your home with a new look. Our clients often say that when they stop to look at their paintings they feel "focused again" and a "calm" or "happiness" illuminates from the painting to them.

7. Original Paintings are an Investment

Time & time again we get inquiries from our visitors asking us about an old painting they have from Africa: Who is it by? Where did it come from? Does it have any value? When you buy a painting from True African Art .com, you are not only buying a piece whose messgea & color will bring joy for a lifetime, but you can pass it on in your family for generations to come, making the painting grow in value! True African Art .com has unique information, interviews, pictures, & videos with most of our artists that you can also pass on in your family. We can also provide a Certificate of Authenticy on request.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide an extensive collection of quality, contemporary Black African art paintings for sale at the guaranteed lowest prices on the Internet!  We combine this with a secure, quality website of distinction that has the class of customer service behind it that you expect and deserve. We are "Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You."

Us, Our Artists and You

We are an all African ancestry staff. Many of our African artists have relayed that they feel at ease doing business with us, who are from their own culture and upbringing.  Thus, our painters sell to us at low prices they most often determine so we can pass the savings onto you.  When you purchase any painting on True African Art .com, the artists are affirmed and get repeat business from us that supports their lifestyle and families.  On the other end, you end up owning great contemporary African art that will last a lifetime!

Types of African Paintings:

Some of what is included in our online gallery of contemporary. Black art paintings are:

African Blue Rhino Maps   • Cameroon Fine Art     • Famous artist Martin Bulinya    • Art of African Wildlife     • Ethiopian art     

Tingatinga Art     • African Oil Paintings     • Art from Ghana     • African Prints     • Paintings of African Tribes     • Collage Paintings

Watercolor Artworks      • Women African Artists      • Black Art      • Abstract Artwork of Women      • African Women Bottle Crafts

Gathinja Yamokoski-Owner, True African

Have a Question?

We welcome your e-mail or phone call!  See our Contact Us Page to be in touch with us.

Support our Painters!

If you are looking for a painting from Africa rest assured that with our newly reduced pricing on almost all our paintings, you will find an artwork here that fits your pocketbook or your appetite for fine art. In purchasing an African artwork for sale, you are helping us to continue supporting our painters' beautiful talent and their family's living. Purchase one or more of their contemporary  African art paintings for your home, office, or loved one today. You'll be glad you did!

Thank you.

~ Gathinja Yamokoski

Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You

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