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African continent in color

The Lowdown:

  • Most paintings ship Free to any worldwide destination via the U.S. Postal Service.
  • We ship most paintings from our location near New York City.
  • Domestic orders are usually received in less than a week from ordering.
  • International orders are usually received in about 2 weeks or less.
  • We keep in touch with you from the time you place an order til your painting arrives.

The Details:

We send out paintings as soon as we can, usually less than 24 hours after we receive your payment. Upon placing your order, you will immediately receive an automated order confirmation e-mail and another personal e-mail when we have sent out your painting, giving you an estimate of when it will be delivered. And we follow up once you've received the painting to make sure it exceeds your expectations.

FREE Worldwide standard Shipping applies to delivery anywhere in the world for 90% of our paintings as they can be sent securely rolled in a tube or if they are a small size on paper, we can send them in a hard photo envelope. We obtain delivery tracking for these items that are sent within the United States. Insurance and tracking will be obtained on more high end orders at no cost to the buyer, whether domestic or international.

The artworks that compose the remaining 10% are shipping costs on artworks that are framed, stretched, or if you choose an Express shipment. True African Art only charges you what we are quoted and we do NOT profit from these costs quoted to us by the Carrier. We would send you a Pay Pal invoice from the quote given for these artworks. If a shipping charge will occur based on artwork that is framed, or stretched, the online description beneath the painting will state that the art is subject to the Carrier's shipping costs. We will obtain insurance for artworks that are sent framed or stretched. You always have the option to have the painting sent outside the frame or rolled up in order to take advantage of our Free Shipping Worldwide policy.

We obtain delivery tracking at no cost to you from the US Postal Service for all orders sent by them. Delivery tracking is offered only for USA orders. This gives you the opportunity to know when your item shipped and when it will be delivered, as well as when it is actually delivered. UPS and Fed Ex also provide free place to place tracking for all packages they deliver and when available we obtain tracking for any international shipment.

Since 2004, when we started sending out paintings worldwide, 99% of them have never been lost or damaged by the mail. We will provide proof that we sent your painting and will, in most cases, purchase delivery confirmation to track your painting(s) and in larger orders, we will purchase insurance. The mail carrier is responsible for any artwork that they damage during transit and any lost items. But True African Art will always provide customer service to help you in any way possible with any problems that occur during delivery time.

Thank you for trusting True African Art .com!