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- True African Project Manager-

Edwin finds & visits with many of our artists, keeps abreast of the art scene in Kenya & assists Gathinja when she is in country.

True African Art Project Manager, Edwin Omondi.

Edwin's work as True African's Project Manager has been invaluable. He spent a long time going around the capital city area of Kenya to research and find most of our current artists from that country. In addition, Edwin researched to the point that he gained contacts for more than 270 African art paintings artists. Edwin then made dozens of personal visits to see some of these painters' artworks first hand. He recommended to us the artists he struck the most rapport with, while our staff as a whole added recommendations of artists who we thought were the most skillful, original, reputable, and accessible. What resulted was our first batch of African artists paintings, most of which have sold, but that you can still see in True African's Store Pages.Friends and co-workers with True African Art, Michael and Edwin

At present, with the site up and running, Edwin "Omosh" Omondi continues to work with website founder, Gathinja, in commissioning several new African paintings, maintaining contact with many of our featured artists, and keeping us abreast of news happening inside the city that is African art related. He also personally assists Gathinja whenever she comes back home to Africa from the New York City area.

Besides these projects with True African, Edwin also worked at Leisure and Travel Guides East Africa Ltd. as their Global Image Department Editor. In this position he was in charge of editorial reviews of the company's magazines and prints. His workplace creates magazines for visitors to parks, hotels, and restaurants, as well as airline passengers traveling to Kenya.

Gathinja has known Omosh since late 2000 when they first met up at a dance party in Nairobi. During this period Edwin was attending the University of Nairobi where he earned a dual bachelor of arts in Language Linguistics and Economics. Today, Gathinja talks to Edwin in Kenya from near New York City on a weekly basis, if not more. Edwin and Michael Kivindyo, Gathinja's other staff member, have been best friends since they boarded together at Nakuru High School.

Back when Gathinja met Omosh, he was as much of a free Spirit as he is now. It is not often you find a person in life who you want to know their future life story before it has unraveled in full, but when you meet Edwin, you want to know where he will end up in life! Jovial and composed, Edwin is a character with strikingly good luck, overcoming some seemingly impossible odds with simply his wit, courtesy, and hustle.

When he goes underground for a project, he always pops back up with a story of an adventure, or even misadventure at times. For all it's worth, Edwin has soaked into his character the practices of being humble, inquisitive, astute, and having irresistible charm.

Edwin enjoys an evening with groups of people and after some years spent with him, he will tell you in the most winsome way how much he cares for you as a friend. A true "Nairobian," Edwin identifies with his community greatly and loves the country that he knows much of through Kenya's interconnected social network, a community that is not easily detailed by a visitor.

Of his research work Edwin says, "This has been a whole new experience for me. I really enjoy this work and it's been wonderful! Each meeting with each artist has been different: We've had to make phone calls, arrange for meetings and set up dates with these artists, go to their studio and view their paintings, and just look at the process of exactly what they do. We expect that in turn, by keeping on being able to purchase repeat paintings from the African artists themselves, that they will be able to benefit from us. It's not like we're just trying to do this for profit purposes only, but it's also to keep the talent in artwork and bring the artists up. One of the main aims of True African is to make sure that these artists get exposure internationally. That way our African artists will eventually be able to benefit themselves not only in terms of finances, but also in terms of international recognition. Considering the response the website has been given, we are looking at a bright future for True African It has been a very nice experience and we hope you will continue visiting our site as we go on."

Besides the video above, one can enjoy more footage of Edwin "Omosh" Omondi in several of our exclusive video interviews with our artists:

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