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Frequently Asked Questions Topics

Purchasing Topics

If for any reason your expectations are not met on a painting you purchase, you can return it within 60 days of purchase to receive a exchange, credit, or a refund.  See our Easy Returns Page for the complete details.
We have such good relationships with our artists that they offer their art to us at a low cost so we can sell at a low cost and thus return to them more frequently to buy more paintings.  We get a low price, you get a low price, and the artist gets more frequent returns on sales. Everyone wins!

Easily!  From the "Originals" menu, choose to browse by genre or by artist name. The artist name menu has every available painting.  

Once you find a piece you like, click the "Add to Cart" button right below the artwork.  You will be taken to your shopping cart.  Review your order, scroll down, then if have made your final decisions click "Check Out."  "Check Out" is a secure encrypted area where you fill in your shipping details. Here you also securely enter your Credit Card details or pay via Pay Pal.

If paying directly by a Credit Card, click "Place Order" and an automated receipt will be e-mailed to you immediately confirming your order.  If you choose Pay Pal, it will take you to their website where you can check out securely as a Guest without an account or sign in to pay if you are already a member.

We have a quick turnaround time between orders received and actually sent out.  So we'll be in touch over e-mail to let you know when we will send out your painting, which is usually less than 24 hours after we received your order.

Making an Offer on an original painting means the painting does not have a set price to it and that you can suggest a price that you can afford for the artwork.  To make an offer, fill out the appropriate fields in the Contact Us Page.

You can learn more about Making an Offer here.  You can also Make an Offer by simply sending us an e-mail at with the artist names, titles of the paintings you wish to Make an Offer for, along with your offered price.

It should be noted that most offers are accepted when they are in the vicinity of the suggested, advertised price.
The listed price is a guideline for the price range of a painting.  It thus helps you make a reasonable offer based on that price.
Yes, with an additional 10% off!   Before your purchase, we'll match any online competitor's advertised price, including any other's private "Make an Offer" deals.  The other company's painting must be in stock, the same artist, similar size and style, an original, and cannot be listed in E-bay.   

Contact us for a Lowest Price Guarantee approval and we'll send you a Pay Pal invoice with your new savings!
Yes, as it should be!  Our Checkout area employs banking industry SSL https internet encryption standards.  This means when you use Pay Pal or your credit card on our site to make a purchase, your personal & financial information is safeguarded and protected.  In both cases, we never see your credit card details.  We are only passed on your actual payment, painting title(s), and shipping address.
Pay Pal is the worldwide Internet Standard for secure online purchasing.  It is free for you to use.  Our website is connected to their merchant services by passing onto us only your actual payment, shipping address and painting title(s).  Pay Pal and our own Checkout do NOT show us your credit card information.
Just call us at 1.914.602.8037 to have us process your order over the phone or you can contact us to send a USA money order. We do not accept checks or wire transfers.
Yes, with 0% interest, up to a year.  After a year has passed, we will ask for completion of payment or we will have to start collecting interest at 15% a month.  Or you can use Pay Pal's "Bill Me Later" option.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
Yes, for free!  Contact us to set up a time for us to call you.
We own and hold 90% of our African paintings for sale here with us in New York.  We have a few African artists whose paintings we sell, but their paintings we do not own or hold.  Instead, the artists send the paintings from where they live.  These artists are: Abdul Badi's prints,(from New York, USA), Kowie Theron (from South Africa), and Ti Jay (from Ghana, West Africa).

No need to worry though. True African is in a trusted relationship with these artists.  We interviewed them extensively before entering into strict, signed contractual agreements with them.  Their contracts also have strict processing procedures that protect you as a customer. For example, we do not release the payment to them that you give to us until their painting arrives safely at your doorstep.  We stand by these few artists on consignment and if there is any problem with your order, rest assured, we will make it right.  Thank you for trusting True African Art .com.
We purchase most of our paintings directly from our African artists, who we know personally, not from African galleries or commercial tourist attractions, like other online stores have been doing for the past few years.  

When buying art from us, you deplete an artists stock as a result.  Eventually, we must buy more paintings from the artists.  Thus, you enable us to do repeat business with many of our African artists.  We have returned to buy more artwork from some our painters over seven times now.  It is really you who is rewarding an artist’s talents and bringing extra care to their families in the not very easy economy of Africa.  And you own a lifetime's worth of a beautiful painting.  So everybody gets something in return! 

Artwork Topics

All are from artists from Africa.  Many of our paintings come from Kenya, but we also have paintings in our collection from Congo, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, The Ivory Coast, The Cameroon, and Uganda.
Most paintings are one of a kind, painted by hand, fine pieces, created by artists living in Kenya. The Blue Rhino MapsAbdul Badi's and our Ghanaian Cards are all prints, meaning we have several copies of each.

Established in late 2015, we also have a new section of in our header Menus called "Prints for Less."  Here you can order many of our original paintings, available or sold, in a museum like quality print from the reputable Print on Demand website Fine Art America.   They are their own website, hosting over 300,000 artists and over a million images.   These prints are often at a fraction of the cost from the originals. On Fine Art America, you can choose your own print size, medium, and an option for framing or stretching. Our artists and us receive a portion of the profits from the prints that you order.
Yes!  We are currently selling prints of artists in agreement with a top of the line Print on Demand website,  Fine Art America. You can go to our Pages there by clicking this link or you can view the same in our Prints area.  

There you can choose a custom size, mat, and frame.  The printed African artwork are at much lower prices than their originals, but retain most of the fine quality in visual detail. If a painting print is not showing on Fine Art America, ask us and we should be able to add it.

No, most are not.  Frame preferences are such a personal choice and vary greatly.  Framing your own painting thus gives you complete customization of your painting with your own choice of the right mat and color, type, and size of frame you want.  On the other hand, we do have a few dozen paintings that are framed or stretched. You can order them with or without these features. See our shipping section above for more details.
Many of our clients tell us that their art looks better in person than it did online because they get to see more of the texture.  So if you like it online, you will most likely love it in person!   Our pictures of the paintings are taken accurately, but please note that, due to light, there may be slight differences.  If after you have received the painting, you do not like it, you can return it within 60 days.  If you want more details on how a painting may look prior to your purchase, you can receive additional photographs of it.
They are there so that our copyrighted content is sourced to True African  The watermark is on the photograph of the painting, not of course on the painting itself.  Our  Terms and Conditions page has details on our registered copyright.  Basically, free sharing is permitted, commercial or for profit use requires permission.

Shipping Topics

90% of our paintings are held and sent from near New York City, USA for worldwide delivery.  These paintings were acquired from within Africa by African artists and were either brought or sent to New York, where we live. 

The other 10% are held by African painters on consignment and are securely mailed to you from the artists' location. We have strict contractual agreements with these consigned artists, part of which includes us not giving the artist any funds from the client until you receive the painting and are satisfied.

Yes!  Most of our paintings qualify for free standard shipping worldwide with First Class through the US Postal Service.Free Worldwide Shipping applies automatically - you need no minimum purchase, coupons or promotion codes.  In all cases where a tracking number can be obtained, we purchase that option and pass the tracking number onto you.

Our paintings that are requested to be stretched or framed carry a $15 handling and packaging fee plus US Postal Service shipping costs. There is also a $15 handling charge if you want a stretched or framed painting sent to you unstretched or unframed due to the work involved of taking it off the stretchers and losing a frame. A painting's description will indicate if it is stretched or contains a frame.

Yes!  USA orders can get priority, express, or overnight shipping through the US Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express or DHL.  Just list your preference in the "Special Instructions" box in our Check Out area you enter after confirming your Shopping Cart.  We do not profit from any kind of unframed express shipping costs.  We quote you what we are quoted.  We do have a $15 handling charge for paintings that are framed or have to be taken out of the frame for our careful time in getting quotes and packaging. The US Postal Service International Express Shipping is the least expensive international express service, arriving to you in 3-5 days no matter where in the world you live.
Very carefully.  Your artwork will arrive unframed (framed or stretched if specified) wrapped with padding and strong packaging tape, in either a hard mailing tube box, or in a hard envelope.  The packages will be double checked for stability and protection before leaving our hands.  We ask the Post Office to put fragile stamps on all our packages.  In the case of framed or stretched paintings, they will be professionally packed by UPS in a protective art box.
Usually less than one week with our Free Standard Shipping offer.  1-3 days with paid express shipments.
Usually about 2 weeks for our Free Worldwide Shipping Offer.  Or 3-5 days with a paid expedited service.
Standard shipping for most paintings is free worldwide and we do not profit from those shipping costs.

For framed or stretched shipping, we ask for $15 for our time and work in obtaining packaging and a non profit quote on the package. A $15 fee is also charged for any painting that you want taken off its stretchers or out of its frame, but shipping would be free.
Yes, when you request it or when it is automatically purchased for select paintings, or for stretched or framed paintings.
Yes!  For standard deliveries, we obtain delivery confirmation at no cost to you from the US Postal Service for all orders sent by them.  This gives you the opportunity to know when your item shipped and when it will be delivered, as well as when it is actually delivered.  UPS and Fed Ex also provide free tracking for all packages sent through them.

Miscellaneous Topics

We have been selling original African paintings worldwide since 2004. True African Art officially opened online in 2009.  Shortly afterward, we became the leading gallery online for original African paintings for sale and remain there today.
We are an online gallery only, we do not have a physical store. Our operations run north of New York City, USA, in Westchester County.  Most of our paintings ship from there.
Please visit our Contact Us page for all the ways to reach us.
No, our online gallery acts as our catalog.  We do not have a physical gallery, but ship worldwide from orders taken from our website.  We live in Westchester County, New York, just north of New York City.
Absolutely!  Just let us know!  Even if you live far from us, throughSkype video chat we can show you a "live" view of the painting.  E-mail us to set up a time for us to Skype.
If you would like to reuse any of our content for FREE SHARING that is NO PROBLEM with us.  Just please give us credit by keeping our watermark in the image and linking to us through your site.  To share our videos, embedding code is found on by searching for "True African Art."  Commercial use of content requires the permission of True African and/or the painting's artist.  If we find any of our content or rendition of our content, including commercial use of our images, text, any biographical information that is unique to our site, or Gathinja's Women Bottle Figures actual design at a Internet or physical store whose purpose is in any way retail or for profit, note that you have you have infringed on our governmental copyright registrations and we will follow suit.  Please contact us instead for these purposes.
See our Be on the Site page. There is no fee to apply or to be featured.