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Consisting of an all African-Ancestry Staff,
     we are "Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You"

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Tired of galleries who don't pay you what they owe? Tired of broken promises? Tired of exploitation? Look no further!

We have many artists who came to True African Art through this very page & can give testimony for our service to them.  Some have already written in our Guestbook.  We deal personally with mostly all of our African artists and expect that trust, good communication, and low prices on the buying and selling sides will benefit all of us. Furthermore, our staff is of African descent so you are dealing with people who are familiar with the real, inside cultures of Africa, not the tourist, gallery side.

Who are we Looking for?

We are always looking for reliable, talented artists with a serious attitude towards their craft to join our ranks. We receive dozens of submissions every year from artists wanting to Be on the Site. As much as we would like to, we simply cannot purchase all of the submitted artworks. We do, however, carefully consider everyone’s work who has applied, but we have to choose from them the best of the best, while maintaining our relationship with our original, most popular African artists.

How will we market your art?

We promote our artists' work in a number of ways: We have a continual media presence, a thriving email list, and many collectors who are based in New York City. We also have over 350,000 members on our Facebook Page, all gained organically, without advertising. Our online brand is undoubtably noticeable by any serious African paintings collector.

- How to Apply -

If you are a native African artist, we would be happy to consider you for exposure on True African Art!

There is NO FEE from us to receive, review, or post your paintings. Many of our new artists have come to us through their own initiative.

To start the process, just e-mail us at and include in your message:

  • A short biography about yourself, including your current occupation, and why you feel your art is of excellent quality to be on the True African Art .com website.
  • Photos of the art that you would like to be featured on our site, along with their size, and your asking price.
  • A photo of yourself with your paintings.
  • Your contact information: Your full name, address where you stay, and home, work, and cell phone numbers.

After we review your application, we will respond promptly and if all is good, we will provide you with instructions for buying your paintings and receiving them.

Thank you for considering True African Art .com! We are happy to consider you!

Gathinja Yamokoski
-East African Kenyan Native and Owner of True African Art .com

Loyal to Artists...Loyal to You

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